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 Title  Physician Jobs
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 URL  http://www.physemp.com/
 Description  Explore more than 24,000 full-time, locum tenens physician jobs and now Nursing and Allied Healthcare Practitioners! Search by location or specialty. The nation's leading physician job board since 1991.
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 Uptime  07-22-2005
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Job Search
Since the fall of 1994, Physician Employment has been online with physician jobs for all specialties. Physicians can search our database of over 8000 physician jobs from hospitals, clinics and search firms.
Unadvertised Jobs

The Inhouse Physician Recruiters Network has over 550 hospital members representing over 11,000 hospitals and clinics. Our network showcases outstanding physicians seeking jobs, directly to inhouse recruiters. This is the fastest way for a physician to learn about medical jobs even before they are advertised.
The Directory of Physician Recruitment Firms lists over 1100 physician recruiter firms and provides contact information and client references to help inhouse recruiters learn about your service. Inhouse recruiters are able to evaluate you, your reputation and your services. Inclusion of your contact information and unlimited references in the directory is free. To add your URL, we only ask for a link back. We validate all client references.

   Physician Jobs: Online Physician Jobs & Job Search, Practice &Physician Employment Opportunities, and Recruitment


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