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 Title  Mineral water from all over the world
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 URL  http://www.mineralwaters.org/
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 Uptime  03-26-2005
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Where does water come from? Some 70% of the earth is covered with water. But nearly all is unavailable for human consumption without being processed first. The oceans make up for 97% and the polar ice shields hold another 2%. Only about 1% is soft water from lakes, rives and underground sources, but even from that tiny amount an increasing part is unsafe for human consumption.

All over the world, water is one of the most popular drinks. Its popularity with consumers increased over the last couple of years dramatically. This led to an explosion of available brands. So, keep on exploring the world of water, as it is the best drink for you.
g the world of water, as it is the best drink for you.

   Water is the most important liquid in the world. Without water, there would be no life, at least not the way we know it. This source of life makes up about three quartes of the human body.


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