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 Title  ARMEDA: Armenian Medical Association
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 URL  http://www.armeda.am/
 Poll  Poll Num : 3, Poll Ave : 7.33
 Uptime  05-12-2005
 ETC   Hits : 3200, Comment : 1

As the authoritative national voice of medicine, the Armenian Medical Association is providing you online link to news and information on clinical medicine, biomedical research and education in Armenia. Various sections of this site contain information about our organization and its activities.

The staff of the Armenian Medical Association and our webmasters put every effort to make this website interesting, informative and easy-to-browse source for you. We hope that the website is friendly environment for you indeed.

Please, for your convenience set the appropriate language on a control panel above. In addition, ArMA members are invited to enter to the private section of this site through the Members Login.

   professional union of doctors, biomedical scientists and public health professionals in Armenia


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