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 Title  Nairi Medical Center
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 URL  http://nairimed.am/
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 Uptime  10-11-2005
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Nairi Medical Center was reconstructed and renovated in 2004 with the objective of retaining high quality hospital services in the Republic of Armenia. Newly reconstructed and fully equipped Nairi Medical Center is dedicated to providing the highest standard of health care, as well as continously improving our quality of care and services. We continue to enhance our ability to diagnose and treat, which allows to provide multi-profile medical services and to meet the needs of our patients. Thank you for choosing Nairi Medical Center for your healthcare needs. We hope your stay will be short and your recovery complete. Nairi Medical Center includes the following facilities and provides the following medical services:
Emergency and Admission Ward
First Aid
Outpatient Clinic and Diagnostics
In-patient Department
Nutrition Service
Intensive Care Unit
Operating Theatres
Accurate diagnosis of disease is one of the most important aspects of medicine. Patients have convenient access to cardiac diagnostics, laboratory tests, pulmonary (breathing) function tests and endoscopy procedures, as well as the consultation of all kind of specialists. A full range of imaging services and radiology procedures are offered including ultrasound, X-Ray and MRT.

   Emergency and Admission Ward, First Aid, Outpatient Clinic and Diagnostics, In-patient Department, Nutrition Service, Intensive Care Unit, Operating Theatres , Surgery, Therapy.... Address: Paronyan 21, Yerevan, Armenia Tel: 537500, 520099 e-mail: info@nairimed.am


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