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301. radioactive waste
[liquid, solid, or gaseous waste resulting from mining of radioactive ore, production of reactor fuel materials, reactor operation, and from use of radioactive materials in research, industry and medicine. ( CSP )] (UMLS (CSP) C0034552) =Environmental Effect of Humans; Hazardous or Poisonous Substance =radiation hazard;
351. Radioprotection
(UMLS (NCI) C0279038) =Therapeutic or Preventive Procedure
302. Radioactivity
[The quality of emitting or the emission of corpuscular or electromagnetic radiations consequent to nuclear disintegration, a natural property of all chemical elements of atomic number above 83 and possible of induction in all other known elements. ( NCI )] (UMLS (NCI) C0034553) =Natural Phenomenon or Process ;
352. radioscopy
[ ] (UMLS (CSP) C0598451) =Diagnostic Procedure
303. radioactivity analysis
[ ] (UMLS (CSP) C0597748) =Laboratory Procedure ;
353. Radiosensitization
[The use of a drug that makes tumor cells more sensitive to radiation therapy. ( NCI )] (UMLS (NCI) C0279024) =Therapeutic or Preventive Procedure
304. radiocardiography
[x-ray recording of the variation with time of the concentration of a radioisotope in a heart chamber. ( CSP )] (UMLS (CSP) C0597348) =Diagnostic Procedure ;
[ ] (UMLS (ICD9CM) C0260778) =Finding
305. radiochemical
[ ] (UMLS (CSP) C0599914) =Chemical Viewed Functionally ;
355. radiotherapy implant
[ ] (UMLS (CSP) C0034624) =Therapeutic or Preventive Procedure
306. radiodiagnosis
[diagnosis using x-rays; or, more broadly, diagnostic imaging, including radiology, ultrasound, and magnetic resonance; index with a specific diagnostic term. ( CSP )] (UMLS (CSP) C0597349) =Diagnostic Procedure ;
=radionuclide diagnosis;
stable isotope diagnosis
356. Radioulnar synostosis
[ ] (UMLS (ICD9CM) C0158761) =Congenital Abnormality; Disease or Syndrome
307. radiofluorescent probe
[ ] (UMLS (CSP) C0597350) =Indicator, Reagent, or Diagnostic Aid ;
=fluorescent dye;
357. radiowave radiation
[electromagnetic wave whose frequency is in the radio frequency range (10 kHz to 300,000 MHz); wavelength 100 mm to 10,000 m. ( CSP )] (UMLS (CSP) C0034547) =Natural Phenomenon or Process ;
=electromagnetic radiation;
308. radiofrequency
[ ] (UMLS (CSP) C0920725) =Natural Phenomenon or Process ;
358. radish mosaic virus
[ ] (UMLS (CSP) C0598205) =Virus
309. Radiofrequency Ablation
[The use of electrodes to heat and destroy abnormal tissue. ( NCI )] (UMLS (NCI) C0850292) Radiofrequency Interstitial Ablation;
=Therapeutic or Preventive Procedure
359. Radius
[A straight line from the center to the perimeter of a circle or from the center to the surface of a sphere. ( NCI )] (UMLS (NCI) C1306504) =Functional Concept
310. Radiogram
[An image produced on a radiosensitive surface by x-ray radiation that has penetrated and passed through a structure. ( NCI )] (UMLS (NCI) C1306645) Radiograph;
X-ray =Diagnostic Procedure ;
[ ] (UMLS (ICD9CM) C0177323) =Therapeutic or Preventive Procedure
311. Radiograph
(UMLS (HL7) C1548003) =Intellectual Product =Diagnostic Service Section ID;
[ ] (UMLS (ICD9CM) C0177482) =Therapeutic or Preventive Procedure
312. radiographic phantom
[A radiographic anthropomorphic phantom is a device intended for medical purposes to simulate a human body for positioning radiographic equipment. ( SPN )] (UMLS (CSP) C0182239) =Manufactured Object
[ ] (UMLS (ICD9CM) C0186526) =Therapeutic or Preventive Procedure
313. radiography
[examination of a specimen or any part of the body, usually for diagnostic purposes, by means of roentgen rays, recording the image on a sensitized surface such as photographic film. ( CSP )] (UMLS (CSP) C1962945) X-Ray;
=Diagnostic Procedure =imaging/visualization/scanning;
=photon absorptiometry;
dental radiography;
isotope dilution method;
chest radiography;
363. Radix Dentis
[portion of a tooth which is covered by cementum, proximal to the neck of the tooth and ordinarily embedded in the dental alveolus. ( CSP )] (UMLS (NCI) C0040452) =Body Part, Organ, or Organ Component ;
314. Radiography
(UMLS (HL7) C1552363) =Professional or Occupational Group =Radiologic Technologist;
364. radixin
[ ] (UMLS (CSP) C0139903) =Amino Acid, Peptide, or Protein; Biologically Active Substance
315. Radioguided Surgery
[A procedure that uses radiolabeled substances to detect tumors for surgical removal. ( NCI )] (UMLS (NCI) C0338239) =Therapeutic or Preventive Procedure
365. radon
[naturally radioactive element with atomic symbol Rn, atomic number 86, and atomic weight 222; a member of the noble gas family, released during the decay of radium and found in soil; there is a link between exposure to radon and lung cancer. ( CSP )] (UMLS (NCI) C0034629) =Hazardous or Poisonous Substance; Element, Ion, or Isotope ;
=gas element;
316. Radiohumeral (joint) sprain
[ ] (UMLS (ICD9CM) C0160058) =Injury or Poisoning
366. RAEB-1
[A myelodysplastic syndrome defined by 5-9% blasts in the bone marrow, and ] (UMLS (NCI) C1318550) RAEB-I;
=Neoplastic Process
317. Radioimmunoconjugate
[Monoclonal antibodies (MoAB) conjugated with radioisotopes, i.e., I131, Y90, T99, In111. Using radioimmunoconjugates in radiotherapy or radioimaging has the advantage of targeting cells carry specific antigens, thereby limiting toxic effects on normal cells. Tumor eradication can be achieved by either the antibody-mediated immune response or only by the cytotoxic activity of the radiation. ( NCI )] (UMLS (NCI) C0243019) =Pharmacologic Substance; Immunologic Factor
367. RAEB-2
[A myelodysplastic syndrome defined by 10-19% blasts in the bone marrow or 5-19% blasts in the blood and ] (UMLS (NCI) C1318551) RAEB-II;
=Neoplastic Process
318. radioimmunoprecipitation
[Sensitive assay using radiolabeled ANTIGENS to detect specific ANTIBODIES in SERUM. The antigens are allowed to react with the serum and then precipitated using a special reagent such as PROTEIN A sepharose beads. The bound radiolabeled immunoprecipitate is then commonly analyzed by gel electrophoresis. Radioimmunoprecipitation assay (RIPA) is often used as a confirmatory test for diagnosing the presence of HIV ANTIBODIES. ( MSH )] (UMLS (CSP) C0034584) =Laboratory Procedure ;
368. RAEB-T
[Refractory anemia with excess blasts in transformation (RAEB-T) is characterised by dysplastic features of the myeloid and usually erythroid progenitor cells in the bone marrow and an increased number of myeloblasts in the peripheral blood. The peripheral blood blast count ranges from 20% to 30%. RAEB-T used to be a subcategory of myelodysplastic syndromes in the past. Recently, the term has been eliminated from the WHO based classification of myelodysplastic syndromes. The reason is that the percentage of peripheral blood blasts required for the diagnosis of acute myeloid leukemia has been reduced to 20%. The elimination of the RAEB-T term by the WHO experts has created confusion and ongoing arguments. Currently, according to WHO classification, the vast majority of RAEB-T cases are best classified as acute leukemias (acute leukemias with multilineage dysplasia following myelodysplastic syndrome). A minority of cases are part of RAEB-2.--2003 ( NCI )] (UMLS (NCI) C0280028) =Disease or Syndrome
[ ] (UMLS (ICD9CM) C0178003) =Therapeutic or Preventive Procedure
369. RAF1
[This gene is involved in cell growth, proliferation, differentiation and migration. It also plays a role in apoptosis. ( NCI )] (UMLS (NCI) C0812215) RAF1 Gene;
v-RAF-1 Murine Leukemia Viral Oncogene Homolog 1Gene;
=Gene or Genome
320. radioisotope
[isotopes that decay and emit radiation; either naturally occurring elements or are produced by the action of neutrons, protons, deuterons, or alpha particles; index with a specific element when appropriate, e.g., C14 index with CARBON and RADIONUCLIDE. ( CSP )] (UMLS (NCI) C0034595) =Element, Ion, or Isotope ;
Tc element;
H3 radionuclide
370. RAGE
[ ] (UMLS (CSP) C0101725) =Amino Acid, Peptide, or Protein; Receptor ;
321. radioisotope implant
[small sealed or partly-sealed sources of radioactivity that may be placed on or near the body surface or within a natural body cavity or implanted directly into the tissues. ( CSP )] (UMLS (CSP) C0521196) =Medical Device =implant;
Isotope Therapy
371. RAGE
[This gene plays a role in inflammation and oxidative stress. ( NCI )] (UMLS (NCI) C1366622) RAGE Gene;
Renal Tumor Antigen Gene =Gene or Genome
322. radioisotope implant in cancer therapy
[ ] (UMLS (CSP) C0598930) =Therapeutic or Preventive Procedure ;
372. Railroad Retirement number
(UMLS (HL7) C1549745) =Intellectual Product =Identifier type;
323. radioisotope labeling of chemical
[ ] (UMLS (CSP) C0599276) =Laboratory Procedure; Research Activity ;
373. Railway accident involving collision with other object
[ ] (UMLS (ICD9CM) C0260976) =Injury or Poisoning
324. Radioisotope scan and function study
[ ] (UMLS (ICD9CM) C0177994) =Diagnostic Procedure
374. Railway accident involving collision with other object and injuring other specified person
[ ] (UMLS (ICD9CM) C0260981) =Phenomenon or Process
325. radiolabel
[radiolabeled compounds; when a stable compound has an element replaced with a radioisotope it becomes radiolabeled; denotes the use of a radioisotope that is used to follow the metabolism, synthesis or route of a specific element or to study a biological process such as transport, immunological mechanisms, or cell divisions; index specific element that is being tagged. ( CSP )] (UMLS (CSP) C0597354) =Indicator, Reagent, or Diagnostic Aid ;
=radionuclide double label
375. Railway accident involving collision with other object and injuring passenger on railway
[ ] (UMLS (ICD9CM) C0260978) =Phenomenon or Process
326. radioligand
[ ] (UMLS (CSP) C0599278) =Indicator, Reagent, or Diagnostic Aid
376. Railway accident involving collision with other object and injuring pedal cyclist
[ ] (UMLS (ICD9CM) C0260980) =Phenomenon or Process
327. Radiologic
[branch of medicine that deals with the use of radiant energy including X rays, gamma rays, radiowaves, high frequency sound waves in the diagnosis and treatment of disease; for thorough searching see RT's. ( CSP )] (UMLS (NCI) C0034599) =Biomedical Occupation or Discipline =Medical Science;
=nuclear medicine;
377. Railway accident involving collision with other object and injuring pedestrian
[ ] (UMLS (ICD9CM) C0260979) =Phenomenon or Process
328. Radiologic Finding
(UMLS (NCI) C1290916) =Finding ;
378. Railway accident involving collision with other object and injuring railway employee
[ ] (UMLS (ICD9CM) C0260977) =Phenomenon or Process
329. Radiologic Health
[the health effects of radiation; includes effects and hazards from environmental radiation fallout, occupational radiation, diagnostic or therapeutic radiological equipment or materials. ( CSP )] (UMLS (NCI) C0034597) =Biomedical Occupation or Discipline ;
=environmental health;
Radiobiology =radiation protection;
environmental radiation
379. Railway accident involving collision with other object and injuring unspecified person
[ ] (UMLS (ICD9CM) C0260982) =Phenomenon or Process
330. radiologic phantom
[ ] (UMLS (CSP) C0282610) =Manufactured Object ;
380. Railway accident involving collision with rolling stock
[ ] (UMLS (ICD9CM) C0260969) =Injury or Poisoning
331. Radiologic Procedure
(UMLS (HL7) C1548906) =Health Care Activity =Consent Type;
381. Railway accident involving collision with rolling stock and injuring other specified person
[ ] (UMLS (ICD9CM) C0260974) =Injury or Poisoning
332. Radiologic Technologist
[A person trained and qualified to perform radiographic procedures by the application of ionizing radiation to produce images on film and on computer assisted equipment displays and perform other related duties including but not limited to the patient instruction on a radiographic procedure, patient positioning, immobilization, protection, and observation during the procedure; radiographs generation and images records maintenance; equipment operation, minor adjustments and evaluation for modification or replacement. ( NCI )] (UMLS (NCI) C0260282) =Professional or Occupational Group =Technologist, Technician, and Other Technical Service Providers;
=Bone Densitometry;
Cardiac-Interventional Technology;
Cardiovascular-Interventional Technology;
Computed Tomography;
Magnetic Resonance Imaging;
Nuclear Medicine Technology;
Quality Management;
Radiation Therapy;
Radiologic Technologist, Sonography;
Vascular Sonography;
Vascular-Interventional Technology
382. Railway accident involving collision with rolling stock and injuring passenger on railway
[ ] (UMLS (ICD9CM) C0260971) =Injury or Poisoning
333. Radiologic Technologist, Sonography
(UMLS (HL7) C1552364) =Intellectual Product =Radiologic Technologist;
383. Railway accident involving collision with rolling stock and injuring pedal cyclist
[ ] (UMLS (ICD9CM) C0260973) =Injury or Poisoning
[ ] (UMLS (ICD9CM) C0869291) Radiological examination, not elsewhere classified;
384. Railway accident involving collision with rolling stock and injuring pedestrian
[ ] (UMLS (ICD9CM) C0260972) =Injury or Poisoning
335. Radiological Physics
(UMLS (HL7) C1555881) =Intellectual Product =Radiology;
385. Railway accident involving collision with rolling stock and injuring railway employee
[ ] (UMLS (ICD9CM) C0260970) =Injury or Poisoning
336. Radiological scheduling (not using ICDA codes)
(UMLS (HL7) C1546903) =Classification =Diagnosis Classification;
386. Railway accident involving collision with rolling stock and injuring unspecified person
[ ] (UMLS (ICD9CM) C0260975) =Injury or Poisoning
337. Radiologist
(UMLS (HL7) C1549438) =Intellectual Product =Procedure Practitioner Identifier Code Type;
387. Railway accident involving derailment without antecedent collision
[ ] (UMLS (ICD9CM) C0260983) =Phenomenon or Process
338. Radiologist
[(RAY-dee-OL-o-jist) A doctor who specializes in creating and interpreting pictures of areas inside the body. The pictures are produced with x-rays, sound waves, or other types of energy. ( NCI )] (UMLS (NCI) C0260194) =Professional or Occupational Group ;
388. Railway accident involving derailment without antecedent collision injuring other specified person
[ ] (UMLS (ICD9CM) C0260988) =Phenomenon or Process
339. Radiology
(UMLS (HL7) C1548000) =Intellectual Product =Diagnostic Service Section ID;
◊ (UMLS (HL7) C1548429) Idea or Concept Referral type;
389. Railway accident involving derailment without antecedent collision injuring passenger on railway
[ ] (UMLS (ICD9CM) C0260985) =Phenomenon or Process
340. Radiology
(UMLS (HL7) C1552284) =Professional or Occupational Group =Podiatrist;
390. Railway accident involving derailment without antecedent collision injuring pedal cyclist
[ ] (UMLS (ICD9CM) C0260987) =Phenomenon or Process
341. Radiology
(UMLS (HL7) C1555923) =Professional or Occupational Group =Chiropractor;
◊ (UMLS (HL7) C1608525) Intellectual Product ; Allopathic & Osteopathic Physicians; Body Imaging; Diagnostic Radiology; Diagnostic Ultrasound; Neuroradiology; Nuclear Radiology; Pediatric Radiology; Radiation Oncology; Radiological Physics; Therapeutic Radiology; Vascular & Interventional Radiology ◊ (UMLS (HL7) C1610162) Intellectual Product ; Clinic/Center;
391. Railway accident involving derailment without antecedent collision injuring pedestrian
[ ] (UMLS (ICD9CM) C0260986) =Phenomenon or Process
342. Radiology Department
(UMLS (NCI) C0587500) =Health Care Related Organization ;
392. Railway accident involving derailment without antecedent collision injuring railway employee
[ ] (UMLS (ICD9CM) C0260984) =Phenomenon or Process
343. Radiology Ultrasound
(UMLS (HL7) C1548002) =Intellectual Product =Diagnostic Service Section ID;
393. Railway accident involving derailment without antecedent collision injuring unspecified person
[ ] (UMLS (ICD9CM) C0260989) =Phenomenon or Process
344. Radiology, Therapeutic
[A specialty concerned with the use of x-ray and other forms of radiant energy in the diagnosis and treatment of disease. ( NCI )] (UMLS (NCI) C0243004) =Biomedical Occupation or Discipline ;
394. Railway accident involving explosion, fire, or burning
[ ] (UMLS (ICD9CM) C0260990) =Phenomenon or Process
345. radiomimetic agent
[ ] (UMLS (CSP) C0597351) =Pharmacologic Substance ;
395. Railway accident involving explosion, fire, or burning injuring other specified person
[ ] (UMLS (ICD9CM) C0260995) =Phenomenon or Process
346. radionuclide diagnosis
[determination of disease using an isotope of artificial or natural origin that exhibits radioactivity; index with a specific diagnostic term. ( CSP )] (UMLS (CSP) C0011916) =Diagnostic Procedure =radiodiagnosis;
=neoplasm/cancer radionuclide diagnosis;
396. Railway accident involving explosion, fire, or burning injuring passenger on railway
[ ] (UMLS (ICD9CM) C0260992) =Phenomenon or Process
347. radionuclide double label
[ ] (UMLS (CSP) C0597352) =Indicator, Reagent, or Diagnostic Aid ;
397. Railway accident involving explosion, fire, or burning injuring pedal cyclist
[ ] (UMLS (ICD9CM) C0260994) =Phenomenon or Process
348. radionuclide emission tomography
[tomography using emissions from radionuclides and a computer algorithm to reconstruct the image. ( CSP )] (UMLS (CSP) C0040398) =Diagnostic Procedure =Tomography;
Medical Imaging, Single Photon Emission Computed Tomography
398. Railway accident involving explosion, fire, or burning injuring pedestrian
[ ] (UMLS (ICD9CM) C0260993) =Phenomenon or Process
349. radionuclide renography
[Graphic tracing over a time period of radioactivity measured externally over the kidneys following intravenous injection of a radionuclide which is taken up and excreted by the kidneys. ( MSH )] (UMLS (CSP) C0034592) =Diagnostic Procedure ;
399. Railway accident involving explosion, fire, or burning injuring railway employee
[ ] (UMLS (ICD9CM) C0260991) =Phenomenon or Process
350. radiopharmacology
[biological effects of radioactive drugs or chemicals in living organisms or tissues; used mainly for diagnostic or therapeutic purposes. ( CSP )] (UMLS (CSP) C0597353) =Biomedical Occupation or Discipline ;
=nuclear medicine;
Pharmacologic =radiation therapy dosage;
400. Railway accident involving explosion, fire, or burning injuring unspecified person
[ ] (UMLS (ICD9CM) C0260996) =Phenomenon or Process

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