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1. *Reciprocal Relative Time
(UMLS (HL7) C1547038) =Quantitative Concept =Kind of quantity;
51. recombinant peptide
[ ] (UMLS (CSP) C0599286) =Amino Acid, Peptide, or Protein
[ ] (UMLS (ICD9CM) C0156132) =Disease or Syndrome; Anatomical Abnormality
52. Recombinant Protein
[peptides or proteins produced by genes which have been artificially inserted into living cells or cell-free expression systems; index with or without RECOMBINANT DNA and the following RTs as needed. ( CSP )] (UMLS (NCI) C0034861) =Amino Acid, Peptide, or Protein ;
=gene product;
genetic manipulation =Interferon Type I, Recombinant;
125-L-Serine-2-133-interleukin 2;
HBW 023;
Erythrocyte Colony Stimulating Factor;
Somatotropic Hormone;
Colony-Stimulating Factors, Recombinant;
Adipogenesis Inhibitory Factor;
dornase alfa
[ ] (UMLS (ICD9CM) C0156116) =Acquired Abnormality; Disease or Syndrome
53. Recombinant Soluble T4
[A recombinant form of CD4 antigen with anti-HIV application. Recombinant soluble T4 antigen (rsT4) is derived from cell surface antigen CD4 lacking its transmembrane and cytoplasmic domains, thereby is mobile within tissues. rsT4 binds to the envelope glycoprotein gp110 of HIV and prevents the binding of virus to CD4 positive lymphocytes, resulting in an inhibition of virus infectivity. ( NCI )] (UMLS (NCI) C0210233) =Amino Acid, Peptide, or Protein; Pharmacologic Substance ;
[ ] (UMLS (ICD9CM) C0156130) =Acquired Abnormality; Disease or Syndrome
54. Recombinant Vaccina-MUC-1 Vaccine
[A vaccine containing a recombinant vaccinia virus that encodes the gene for human mucin-1, a tumor-associated antigen. Upon administration, recombinant vaccinia-MUC-1 vaccine may elicit a MUC-1-specific cytotoxic T cell response against tumor cells bearing MUC-1. ( NCI )] (UMLS (NCI) C1328072) Recombinant Vaccinia MUC-1;
rV-MUC-1 Vaccine =Pharmacologic Substance; Immunologic Factor ;
5. recA protein
[A family of recombinases initially identified in BACTERIA. They catalyze the ATP-driven exchange of DNA strands in GENETIC RECOMBINATION. The product of the reaction consists of a duplex and a displaced single-stranded loop, which has the shape of the letter D and is therefore called a D-loop structure. ( MSH )] (UMLS (CSP) C0034767) =Amino Acid, Peptide, or Protein; Enzyme ;
55. Recombinant Vaccinia DF3/MUC1 Vaccine
[A vaccinia virus based vaccine expressing human tumor associated epithelial mucin (DF3 antigen; MUC1). MUC1 antigen, an membrane bound glycoprotein expressed by most glandular and ductal epithelial cells, is overexpressed in various tumors such as, breast, prostate and ovarian cancers. This vaccine could be used in development of immunotherapeutics against cancers expressing MUC1. ( NCI )] (UMLS (NCI) C0796497) rV-DF3/MUC1;
=Pharmacologic Substance; Immunologic Factor
6. Recalcification
[The addition of calcium back to a specimen after it was removed by chelating agents ( HL7V3.0 )] (UMLS (HL7) C1551379) =Intellectual Product =ActSpecimenTreatmentCode;
56. recombinant vaccinia virus
[does not occur in nature, propagated in the laboratory for use as an active vaccine against smallpox; possibly a derivative or recombinant of cowpox or smallpox viruses; used experimentally as a vector for genes expressing foreign protein antigens. ( CSP )] (UMLS (CSP) C0042216) =Virus =pox virus;
recombinant virus
7. Recalification
(UMLS (HL7) C1550108) =Therapeutic or Preventive Procedure =Therapeutic Interventions;
57. Recombinant Vaccinia-B7.1
[A recombinant vaccinia virus encoding the T-cell co-stimulatory molecule B7-1. Co-administration of recombinant vaccinia-B7.1 and a tumor-associated antigen vaccine may enhance tumor-associated antigen-specific T-cell responses. (NCI04) ( NCI )] (UMLS (NCI) C0879372) Recombinant Vaccinia-B7.1 Vaccine;
rV-B7 (Recomb Vaccinia/B7);
rV-B7.1 Vaccine =Amino Acid, Peptide, or Protein; Pharmacologic Substance; Immunologic Factor
8. Received into inventory (for specified patient)
(UMLS (HL7) C1548989) =Idea or Concept =Blood Product Dispense Status;
58. Recombinant Vaccinia-CEA(6D)-TRICOM
[A vaccine consisting of recombinant vaccinia virus encoding the tumor-associated antigen carcinoembryonic antigen (CEA) and a TRIad of COstimulatory Molecules (B7-1, ICAM-1, and LFA-3; also called TRICOM). Vaccination with recombinant vaccinia-CEA(6D)-TRICOM vaccine stimulates the host immune system to mount a T-cell response against tumor cells expressing the CEA antigen. The use of TRICOM in the vaccine may elicit a greater antitumor cytotoxic T lymphocyte (CTL) immune response compared to the use of vaccinia-CEA alone. ( NCI )] (UMLS (NCI) C0935789) rV-CEA(6D)/TRICOM;
Vaccinia-CEA-TRICOM Vaccine =Pharmacologic Substance; Immunologic Factor ;
9. Received signed
(UMLS (HL7) C1553448) =Idea or Concept =LanguageAbilityMode;
59. Recombinant Vaccinia-GM-CSF
[A recombinant vaccinia virus that encodes granulocyte-macrophage colony stimulating factor (GM-CSF). By activating T-cells and macrophages, vaccination with recombinant vaccinia GM-CSF may enhance the host immune system response to poorly immunogenic tumors, resulting in decreased tumor growth. (NCI04) ( NCI )] (UMLS (NCI) C1134639) rV GM-CSF;
Vaccinia-GM-CSF Vaccine;
=Amino Acid, Peptide, or Protein; Pharmacologic Substance; Immunologic Factor
10. Received spoken
(UMLS (HL7) C1551045) =Idea or Concept =LanguageAbilityMode;
60. Recombinant Vaccinia-TRICOM Vaccine
[A vaccine consisting of recombinant vaccinia virus encoding a triad of costimulatory molecules (B7-1, ICAM-1, and LFA-3; also called TRICOM). Vaccination with recombinant vaccinia-TRICOM vaccine stimulates the host immune system to mount a non-specific T-cell response. With the addition of a tumor-associated antigen peptide, this vaccine may enhance a tumor-specific immune response. ( NCI )] (UMLS (NCI) C1099097) rV-TRICOM;
Vaccinia-TRICOM =Pharmacologic Substance; Immunologic Factor ;
11. Received written
(UMLS (HL7) C1551046) =Idea or Concept =LanguageAbilityMode;
61. Recombinant Vaccinia-Tyrosinase
[A recombinant vaccinia virus (based on the modified vaccinia virus Ankara) expressing tyrosinase. Tyrosinase is a melanoma-specific differentiation agent that catalyzes the synthesis of the melanin precursor dihydroxyphenylalanine (DOPA). Vaccination with this agent may evoke a melanoma-specific T-cell response. ( NCI )] (UMLS (NCI) C0796657) Recombinant Vaccinia-Tyrosinase Vaccine;
rV-TYR Vaccine;
Vaccinia-Tyrosinase Vaccine;
VACTYROS =Pharmacologic Substance; Immunologic Factor ;
12. receiver
[The person (or organization) who receives the product of an Act. ( HL7V3.0 )] (UMLS (HL7) C1551356) =Idea or Concept =indirect target;
◊ [The entity is the receiver of the transmission. ( HL7V3.0 )] (UMLS (HL7) C1553422) Idea or Concept CommunicationFunctionType;
62. Recombinant Viral Vaccine
[A vaccine produced from genetically engineered viral vector by introduction of foreign genetic materials to activate immune response in a host. ( NCI )] (UMLS (NCI) C0281606) =Pharmacologic Substance; Immunologic Factor
13. Receiver responsibility
[This property holds the identifier of the follow-on interaction, when the receiving application role for an interaction has the responsibility to initiate a follow-on interaction. ( HL7V3.0 )] (UMLS (HL7) C1554146) =Idea or Concept =HL7DefinedRoseProperty;
63. recombinant virus
[virus into which recombinant nucleic acid has been introduced, or whose genome has been modified in vitro by recombinant nucleic acid techniques; also index specific virus. ( CSP )] (UMLS (CSP) C0597363) =Virus ;
=genetic manipulation;
=recombinant vaccinia virus
14. Recent
[Near to or not long before the present. ( NCI )] (UMLS (NCI) C0332185) =Temporal Concept
64. recombinase
[ubiquitous class of enzymes which catalyze DNA strand recombination in bacteria, yeast, Drosophila, immunoglobulin and T cell receptor gene rearrangement, and other systems. ( CSP )] (UMLS (CSP) C0073020) =Amino Acid, Peptide, or Protein; Enzyme ;
=EC 2.7.7;
[ ] (UMLS (ICD9CM) C0154813) =Disease or Syndrome ;
65. recommendation
[A non-mandated intent to perform an act where a level of professional responsibility is being accepted by making the proposal. ( HL7V3.0 )] (UMLS (HL7) C0034866) =Idea or Concept =ActMood;
16. Receptor
[A molecule inside or on the surface of a cell that binds to a specific substance and causes a specific physiologic effect in the cell. ( NCI )] (UMLS (NCI) C0597357) =Amino Acid, Peptide, or Protein; Receptor =binding protein;
=hormone receptor;
drug receptor;
Cell Surface Receptor;
antibody receptor;
leukocyte adhesion molecule;
Cytoplasmic Receptor;
carbohydrate receptor;
nonvisual photoreceptor;
vitamin receptor
66. Reconstituted Whole Blood
(UMLS (HL7) C1547256) =Intellectual Product =Blood Product Code;
17. Receptor (TNFRSF)-Interacting Serine-Threonine Kinase 1 Gene
[This gene plays a role in apoptosis and signal transduction. ( NCI )] (UMLS (NCI) C1335623) RIPK1;
RIPK1 Gene =Gene or Genome ;
67. Reconstruction
[Surgery that is done to reshape or rebuild (reconstruct) a part of the body changed by previous surgery. ( NCI )] (UMLS (NCI) C0524865) =Therapeutic or Preventive Procedure ;
18. receptor activation
[Receptor Activation typically involves a high-affinity binding interaction of a signaling molecule (ligand) with a specific target protein causing a conformational and functional change in the receptor molecule. Altered interaction of the ligand-bound receptor with target molecules leads in turn to changes in cellular physiology through modification of the activity of one or more signal transduction pathways. ( NCI )] (UMLS (CSP) C1514758) =Cell Function
68. Reconstruction of eyelid with flaps or grafts
[ ] (UMLS (ICD9CM) C0176156) =Therapeutic or Preventive Procedure
19. receptor binding
[Receptor Binding involves a temporary non-covalent, typically highly specific and high affinity, interaction through intermolecular physical forces of attraction and spatial complementarity with a diverse group of intrinsic membrane or cytoplasmic proteins that mediate the biological effects of secreted regulatory signaling molecules through modification of the activity of signal transduction pathways. ( NCI )] (UMLS (CSP) C0597358) =Molecular Function ;
=protein binding;
69. Reconstruction of muscle and tendon
[ ] (UMLS (ICD9CM) C0177631) =Therapeutic or Preventive Procedure
20. receptor coupling
[process by which ligand-receptor complex, usually extracellular, effects intracellular events; e.g., via enzyme activity of intracellular domain of receptor protein, or via G protein interactions with other membrane proteins such as ion channels or adenylate cyclase. ( CSP )] (UMLS (CSP) C0597359) =Molecular Function ;
=Signal Transduction;
[ ] (UMLS (ICD9CM) C1261298) =Therapeutic or Preventive Procedure
21. receptor density
[ ] (UMLS (CSP) C0599283) =Genetic Function
71. Reconstruction of thumb
[ ] (UMLS (ICD9CM) C0177601) =Therapeutic or Preventive Procedure
22. Receptor Down Regulation
[Due to internalization of ligand-receptor complexes, increased receptor turnover, or decreased receptor expression following exposure to a ligand or agent, Receptor Down Regulation involves a decrease in the number of ligand-specific cellular proteins that bind to, and mediate, the effects of a regulatory molecule. ( NCI )] (UMLS (NCI) C0949469) receptor downregulation =Molecular Function ;
72. Reconstruction of trachea and construction of artificial larynx
[ ] (UMLS (ICD9CM) C0176491) =Therapeutic or Preventive Procedure
23. receptor expression
[process by which functional receptors appear, migrate, and disappear at the cell surface; involves gene expression, protein biosynthesis, posttranslational modification, membrane transport, and degradation; can be used to index interspecies receptor gene implants. ( CSP )] (UMLS (CSP) C0597360) =Genetic Function ;
73. Reconstructive operations on middle ear
[ ] (UMLS (ICD9CM) C0161868) =Therapeutic or Preventive Procedure
24. receptor function
[ ] (UMLS (CSP) C0920644) =Molecular Function ;
74. Record
[Anything (e.g., a document) providing permanent evidence of or information about past events. ( NCI )] (UMLS (NCI) C0034869) =Intellectual Product
25. Receptor Gene
[Receptor Genes encode cell surface or cytoplasmic receptor proteins that each bind to specific signaling factors (such as a hormone, antigen, or neurotransmitter) causing a conformational and functional change in the ligand-bound receptor, altering its interaction with target molecules and leading to changes in cellular physiology through modification of the activity of one or more signal transduction pathways. ( NCI )] (UMLS (NCI) C1335671) =Gene or Genome ;
75. Record coming over is a correction and thus replaces a final result
(UMLS (HL7) C1548155) =Idea or Concept =Observation result status codes interpretation;
26. receptor internalization
[The process by which cell surface receptors are monoubiquitinated following ligand-induced activation, and subsequently taken up into endocytic vesicles and targeted to the lysosome or vacuole for degradation; serves as a mechanism to downregulate receptor signaling. [GOC:mah, PMID:15006537] ( GO )] (UMLS (CSP) C0599281) =Phenomenon or Process
76. Record coming over is a correction and thus replaces a final status
(UMLS (HL7) C1548994) =Idea or Concept =BP Observation Status Codes Interpretation;
27. receptor mediated endocytosis
[pathway for taking up substances which first bind to specific cell surface receptors in coated pits and are then internalized by endocytosis; also internalizes obsolete cell surface receptors. ( CSP )] (UMLS (CSP) C0597361) =Cell Function ;
77. record target
[The record target indicates whose medical record holds the documentation of this act. This is especially important when the subject of a service is not the patient himself. ( HL7V3.0 )] (UMLS (HL7) C1550503) =Idea or Concept =indirect target;
28. Receptor Protein-Tyrosine Kinase
[A class of membrane receptors that contain protein tyrosine kinase activity. This enzymatic activity is integral to the function of the receptor as a signal transducer; the phosphorylation event alters the functional activity of its protein substrate. ( NCI )] (UMLS (NCI) C0206364) =Amino Acid, Peptide, or Protein; Enzyme; Receptor
78. Record-level event code
(UMLS (HL7) C1547598) =Intellectual Product =HL7 Vocabulary Version 2.5;
=Reactivate deactivated record;
Add record to master file;
Deactivate: discontinue using record in master file, but do not delete from database;
Delete record from master file;
Update record for master file
29. receptor recycling
[The process by which receptor molecules are returned to an active state and in an active cellular location after they have been stimulated by a ligand. An active state is when the receptor is ready to receive a signal. [GOC:dph] ( GO )] (UMLS (CSP) C0599282) =Cell Function
79. Records
(UMLS (HL7) C1548330) =Idea or Concept =Quantity limited request;
30. receptor sensitivity
[parameter which is increased by agonists and decreased by antagonists, usually measured as the effective dose of ligand for binding or physiological endpoint. ( CSP )] (UMLS (CSP) C0597362) =Functional Concept ;
80. Records
[Used where number of records or instances of items in the query response result set has limitations. ( HL7V3.0 )] (UMLS (HL7) C1553414) =Qualitative Concept =QueryQuantityUnit;
31. Receptor Serine/Threonine Kinase
[Encoded by Receptor Serine/Threonine Kinase Genes, Receptor Serine/Threonine Kinases bind to specific signaling factors causing a conformational and functional change in the ligand-bound receptor, altering its interaction with target molecules, increasing the receptor kinase activity, and leading to changes in cellular physiology through modification of the activity of one or more signal transduction pathways. ( NCI )] (UMLS (NCI) C0219806) =Amino Acid, Peptide, or Protein; Enzyme; Receptor
81. Recovering
(UMLS (HL7) C1546959) =Idea or Concept =Patient Outcome;
32. Receptor Serine/Threonine Kinase Gene
[Receptor Serine/Threonine Kinase Genes encode receptor proteins that each bind to specific signaling factors causing a conformational and functional change in the ligand-bound receptor, altering its interaction with target molecules, increasing the receptor kinase activity, and leading to changes in cellular physiology through modification of the activity of one or more signal transduction pathways. ( NCI )] (UMLS (NCI) C1335672) =Gene or Genome ;
82. recovery
[Retroactive adjustment such as fee rate adjustment due to contract negotiations. ( HL7V3.0 )] (UMLS (HL7) C1555688) =Idea or Concept =ActInvoiceAdjudicationPaymentGroupCode;
33. receptor structure function
[ ] (UMLS (CSP) C0599221) =Chemical Viewed Functionally
[A healing process and/or an outcome implying relative health. The term is typically used in the context of direct and indirect effects of sickness or injury. (NCI) ( NCI )] (UMLS (NCI) C0237820) =Organism Function
34. Receptor Tyrosine Kinase Gene
[Tyrosine kinase receptors (TRKs) are a family of genes encoding neurotrophin receptors that include trkA, trkB, and trkC, which are related to development, differentiation, and survival of neural crest-derived neurons and central cholinergic neurons in normal tissue. The genes encoding trkA, trkB, and trkC are designated NTRK1, NTRK2, and NTRK3 and map to chromosomes 1, 9, and 15, respectively. A member of the TRK gene family, trkE, encodes a non-neuronal receptor for nerve growth factor. (from OMIM 600408) ( NCI )] (UMLS (NCI) C1335675) =Gene or Genome ;
84. Recovery Care
(UMLS (HL7) C1552451) =Intellectual Product ;
35. Receptor Tyrosine Kinase-Like Orphan Receptor 1 Gene
[This gene is thought to play a role in skeletal and cardiac development, but an exact function has yet to be determined. ( NCI )] (UMLS (NCI) C1335633) ROR1;
ROR1 Gene =Gene or Genome ;
85. RecQ Helicase Family Protein
[RecQ family proteins are 3'-5' DNA helicases. All RecQ family proteins include a domain of approx. 450 amino acids that contains seven highly conserved motifs, including a 'Walker A-box' ATP-binding motif and a DExH box which is a characteristic of this family. These motifs are found in several DNA and RNA helicases. ( NCI )] (UMLS (NCI) C1335669) =Amino Acid, Peptide, or Protein; Enzyme
36. Receptor Tyrosine Kinase-Like Orphan Receptor 2 Gene
[This gene plays a role in early chondrocyte formation, cartilage formation and growth plate development. Mutations in the gene are associated with skeletal disorders. ( NCI )] (UMLS (NCI) C1366544) ROR2;
ROR2 Gene =Gene or Genome
86. RecQ Protein-Like (DNA Helicase Q1-Like) Gene
[This gene is involved in DNA unwinding and the promotion of DNA strand annealing. ( NCI )] (UMLS (NCI) C1335609) RECQL;
RECQL Gene =Gene or Genome ;
37. receptor upregulation
[A positive regulatory process that increases ligand-receptor interactions. Increase in receptor binding after ligand exposure can result from receptor activation, aggregation, increase in half-life, and/or an increase in gene expression that leads to de novo receptor synthesis. ( MSH )] (UMLS (CSP) C0949479) =Cell Function; Molecular Function
87. RecQ Protein-Like 4 Gene
[This gene is involved in the initiation of DNA replication and sister-chromatid cohesion. ( NCI )] (UMLS (NCI) C1335607) RECQL4;
RECQL4 Gene;
=Gene or Genome ;
38. Receptor, Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor
[There are three signaling VEGF receptors. The VEGF family members PIGF and VEGF-B with exclusive binding capacities to the VEGFR-1 can influence monocyte activation and differentiation. The VEGFR-2 and VEGFR-3 binding VEGF homologues, VEGF-C and VEGF-D, are mitogens for both vascular and lymphatic endothelial cells. The orf virus encoded VEGF-E homologue binds and activates only the VEGFR-2 and thus may be the prototype of a vascular endothelial cell-specific growth factor. Further specific activities of VEGF and its homologues result from receptor-specific signaling and differential expression of ligands or receptors. A naturally occurring soluble form of the VEGFR-1 suggests a regulatory role for this receptor. ( NCI )] (UMLS (NCI) C0148199) =Amino Acid, Peptide, or Protein; Enzyme; Receptor
88. RecQ Protein-Like 5
[A member of RecQ helicase family. Northern blot analysis detected RECQL5 expression in almost all tissues tested, with notably strong expression in pancreas and testis. ( NCI )] (UMLS (NCI) C1335670) RecQL5;
=Amino Acid, Peptide, or Protein; Enzyme
39. Receptor-Interacting Protein
[A 74 kDa serine/threonine kinase originally identified by its ability to associate with Fas/APO-1 and induce cell death. RIP interacts with the cytoplasmic domain of FAS, and with TNFR1 through the adaptor proteins TRADD and TRAFs 1, 2, and 3. ( NCI )] (UMLS (NCI) C0297981) =Amino Acid, Peptide, or Protein; Enzyme
89. RecQ Protein-Like 5 Gene
[This gene plays a role in the regulation of DNA topology. ( NCI )] (UMLS (NCI) C1335608) RECQL5;
RECQL5 Gene;
=Gene or Genome ;
40. Receptor-Interacting Serine-Threonine Kinase 2 Gene
[This gene is involved in apoptosis, signal transduction and the immune response. ( NCI )] (UMLS (NCI) C1335624) RIPK2;
RIPK2 Gene =Gene or Genome ;
[RecQL protein is a 13,3 kD peptide (1208 aa), belongs to the RecQ subfamily of helicases and contains from aa 476 to 824 an helicase domain with a potential ATP binding site from aa 502 to 509, and the DEAH box from aa 605 to 608. The expression of RecQ4 gene is partially upregulated in the G1/S phase of cell cycle. It suppresses promiscuous genetic recombination and ensures accurate chromosome segregation. ( NCI )] (UMLS (NCI) C1506962) RecQL Helicase;
=Amino Acid, Peptide, or Protein; Enzyme
41. Receptor-Interacting Serine-Threonine Kinase 3 Gene
[This gene plays a role in signal transduction and the activation of apoptosis. ( NCI )] (UMLS (NCI) C1335625) RIPK3;
RIPK3 Gene =Gene or Genome ;
91. recreation
[activity engaged in for pleasure, diversion, amusement or stimulation. ( CSP )] (UMLS (CSP) C0034872) =Daily or Recreational Activity =leisure;
42. Recession of chamber angle of eye
[ ] (UMLS (ICD9CM) C0154937) =Pathologic Function ;
92. Recreation Therapist
[A recreation therapist uses recreational activities for intervention in some physical, social or emotional behavior to bring about a desired change in that behavior and promote the growth and development of the patient.Source: Joel A. DeLisa and Bruce M. Gans, Rehabilitation Medicine: Principles and Practice Second Edition, J.B. Lippincott Company, Philadelphia: 1993, p. 7 ( HL7V3.0 )] (UMLS (HL7) C1552310) =Intellectual Product =Respiratory, Rehabilitative and Restorative Service Providers;
43. Recession of tendon
[ ] (UMLS (ICD9CM) C0185466) =Therapeutic or Preventive Procedure
93. Recreation therapy
(UMLS (ICD9CM) C0034873) =Therapeutic or Preventive Procedure
44. Reciprocal Translocation
(UMLS (NCI) C0333714) =Cell or Molecular Dysfunction ;
94. Recreational Drug Use Code
(UMLS (HL7) C1547812) =Daily or Recreational Activity =HL7 Vocabulary Version 2.5;
Tobacco - chewed;
Tobacco - smoked;
(UMLS (ICD9CM) C0198546) =Therapeutic or Preventive Procedure
95. Rectal
[By or having to do with the rectum. The rectum is the last 6 inches of the large intestine and ends at the anus. ( NCI )] (UMLS (NCI) C0205052) =Spatial Concept ;
=Body Part;
46. Recombinant Antibodies
[Antibodies produced by recombinant DNA techniques. ( NCI )] (UMLS (NCI) C1335676) Recombinant Antibody;
=Amino Acid, Peptide, or Protein; Immunologic Factor
[ ] (UMLS (ICD9CM) C0156183) =Disease or Syndrome; Anatomical Abnormality
47. Recombinant Fowlpox Tyrosinase
[A recombinant fowlpox virus vaccine with potential antineoplastic activity. Binding to the melanoma antigen tyrosinase, recombinant fowlpox-tyrosinase vaccine generates cellular immune responses against melanoma cells expressing the tyrosinase antigen; this effect is enhanced by the co-administration of interleukin 2 (IL-2). Fowlpox virus is an attractive vector because its genome is easy to manipulate and it is replication incompetent in mammalian cells. ( NCI )] (UMLS (NCI) C1327884) Recombinant Fowlpox-Tyrosinase Vaccine;
rF-TYR vaccine;
Tyrosinase-Fowl Pox =Pharmacologic Substance; Immunologic Factor
(UMLS (ICD9CM) C0400832) =Disease or Syndrome ;
48. Recombinant Fowlpox-B7.1
[A cancer vaccine comprised of a recombinant fowlpox virus vector encoding the stimulatory molecule transgene B7-1. Recombinant fowlpox-B7.1 vaccine may enhance antigen presentation and activate antitumoral cytotoxic T-cells. (NCI04) ( NCI )] (UMLS (NCI) C1134569) Recombinant Fowlpox-B7.1 Vaccine;
rF-B7.1 Vaccine =Amino Acid, Peptide, or Protein; Pharmacologic Substance; Immunologic Factor
98. Rectal bleeding
[Discharge of blood from the anus. — 2003(NCI)] (UMLS (ICPC) C0267596) (Rectal bleeding; UZKI ODOLJARIOA; Blodning fra endetarm; Rectaal bloedverlies; VERENVUOTO PERASUOLESTA; Saignement rectal; rektale Blutung; demem rektali; verzes a vegbelbol; Sanguinamento rettale; REKTAL BLODNING; Hemorragia rectal; Hemorragia rectal; BLODNING FRAN ANDTARMEN) =Pathologic Function ;
=Body System, Gastrointestinal; Symptoms and Complaints Component
49. Recombinant Fowlpox-TRICOM
[A vaccine comprised of a recombinant fowlpox virus vector encoding a TRIad of COstimulatory Molecules (B7-1, ICAM-1 and LFA-3) (TRICOM), which may enhance antigen presentation and activate cytotoxic T-cells. Fowlpox virus is an attractive vector because its genome is easy to manipulate and it is replication incompetent in mammalian cells. (NCI04) ( NCI )] (UMLS (NCI) C1134570) Recombinant Fowlpox-TRICOM Vaccine;
rF-TRICOM (B7.1.iCAM1-LFA3-Fowlpox);
=Pharmacologic Substance; Immunologic Factor ;
99. Rectal Cancer, Recurrent
[The reemergence of rectal cancer after a period of remission ( NCI )] (UMLS (NCI) C0278554) =Neoplastic Process
50. Recombinant Human Growth Hormone
[A recombinant form of endogenous human growth hormone (GH), a polypeptide produced by the anterior lobe of the human pituitary gland. GH exhibits growth-promoting effects and metabolic effects on carbohydrate, fat, protein and bone metabolism. GH stimulates protein synthesis and the uptake of amino acids into cells, and induces lipolysis in adipose tissues. The secretion of GH increases with sexual maturation and then declines steadily. Check for "" active clinical trials or "" closed clinical trials using this agent. ("" NCI Thesaurus) ( PDQ )] (UMLS (NCI) C0384570) =Amino Acid, Peptide, or Protein; Pharmacologic Substance; Hormone
100. Rectal foam
(UMLS (HL7) C0993160) =Biomedical or Dental Material ;

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